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What can you do with a Sodexo Premium Pass?

Have you ever received a Sodexo Gift Certificate? I remember the first time I received one, it was a long time ago when I participated in a market study. I was struggling from work, living from paycheck to paycheck, when a friend invited me to participate in a focus group market study. Since I like sharing ideas, I went ahead.

I can’t even remember what topic we were talking about, but what I remember most was that after the session, we were all called and was given payment in the form of a gift certificate – a Sodexo Premium Pass! Imagine having almost nothing left from my paycheck and then receiving it… it was rewarding!

I actually didn’t know where to use it at first, but upon looking at their website, I found that it’s accepted almost anywhere trouve ici! You can use it to buy food, clothes, groceries, gadgets, accessories, appliances, watch movies, even buy air tickets!

The first thing I did — groceries! I went to Shopwise and bought some stuff I need for my place. I am delighted that I didn’t need to bring cash (well, I didn’t have any then) to shop. Then, I went to watch a movie at SM Cinema. What’s left of the GC’s I gave to my mom.

Sodexo Premium Pass

Thinking of what to give your loved ones this holiday? Give them a Sodexo Gift Certificate! It’s one of the best gifts you’ll ever give (and hopefully also receive). Why? Other than it being accepted by most of the merchants in the Philippines and giving the person you gave it to the freedom to choose where to use it, there’s almost no expiration to it, so you also give them time to ponder about where to use it. Sodexo GC’s have always been and forever will be valid, and that revalidation and replacement of Sodexo GC’s are free of charge once the validity date is reached.

Want one? Buy one here.



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