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Make brushing more fun!

“Brush a tooth, brush a tooth
Toothbrush man
Clean up my teeth as fast as you can
Brush them and floss them
and make my smile shine
and teach me how to brush the
teeth that are so fine”

This is what we sing before we start brushing. So, whenever we start singing that song my daughter already knows what we are about to do. She would go straight to the bathroom and ask for her toothbrush.

She is only one, has 8 tiny front teeth (4 up, 4 down). They are so cute and white, so I made sure to develop in her the habit of brushing her teeth to keep them nice and clean by making it fun. She loves music as much as me. We sing all the time. So, anything done with music is fun for her


We also do things together which makes it more fun for her. She likes observing and doing what she is seeing us do, so we try to show her that we are having fun with the things that we want her to learn to do.

A few weeks ago, we got our Minions gift pack and it looked so cool with its own box.  The brush has soft bristles and would definitely reach and clean the gaps between teeth without damaging the gums and the mouth.

The Colgate toothpaste, as always, is good. I had to taste before I let my child try it. To be honest, since there’s a Minion on it, I thought it would taste like a banana. haha!

Well, it’s not banana-flavored but it’s mild, smells like bubblegum and still good at protecting your children’s teeth. My child’s mouth still smells good when she wakes up in the morning. No bad morning breath! Brushing at night really helps.

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