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Fool-Proof Gift Giving Ideas for All Occasions

I like giving out gifts. But the thing is, I really do not like shopping. I don’t like going around the shops trying to figure out what the person I’m going to give a gift to would like to have. Also, I don’t really like giving gifts that they won’t be able to use and would probably just be re-gifted to someone else or worst case, thrown away.

If you are like me, I’d like to share with you a list of Fool-Proof Gift Giving Ideas for All Occasions.

  1. Food and/or Drink
    • You can never go wrong with food. Everyone loves food! You can bake cookies and cakes and put all your heart into it and give it to someone you love. Cook their favorite dish and fill their stomachs and hearts. Bring a bottle of wine or beer and celebrate the night away. Don’t know how to cook? Bring them to a restaurant and buy them a good meal.
  2. Travel
    • Everyone has itchy feet! May it be to the mall, or to the mountains, or to the beach, or out of the country, we like going somewhere to escape the stress of work and the hustle and bustle of the city. Why not give someone a gift of travel? You could buy them a plane ticket, book a tour for them, or travel with them.
  3. Pampering
    • May be they are too busy to go away from the city, but someone can spare a bit of time to be pampered. Bring them to a spa, let them have a manicure and pedicure, a massage, a body scrub, anything that could relieve them of stress would be something they would be very thankful for.
  4. Adventure
    • There are many fun places coming out in the Philippines that would let the inner child in all of us adults. Bring them to amusement parks, museums, play parks, escape rooms, sports centers, etc köpa priligy. Food spoils, things can get broken and lost, but memories, especially the ones that are born out of adventures, last a lifetime.
  5. Gift Certificate
    • Here’s a gift idea that would allow you to buy you all four – food, travel, pampering, adventure – and more! Can’t decide what to give them, can’t figure out what they want? Give them a gift certificate and let them buy what they want.

Sodexo Premium Pass

The best gift certificate I would recommend it the Sodexo gift certificate. I came across it when I joined a market research group a few years back. We were paid a Sodexo Premium Pass. I just fell in love with it because it’s accepted everywhere! I didn’t even need to bring cash or cards.

A Sodexo Premium Pass can be used to buy you appliances, car accessories and services, recreation and entertainment, electronics and gadgets, food and beverages, home improvements, medical and cosmetic treatments, medicines, spa and fitness treatments, clothes and accessories, travel and leisure, and a lot more! Click this link for a complete list.

Buy one for your loved one and one for yourself, too! You won’t regret it. 😉

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